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Challenging the 'Status Quo' in the quest for a brighter future

Reehana was formed with a simple objective, to demonstrate that ethical businesses can not only work, but flourish in the current economic climate.


Companies operating under our umbrella have been formed to tackle problems that plight huge numbers of people daily. The goal is to provide a more satisfactory solution and benefit society and local communities in the process.


Our blog articles discuss some of those issues we are addressing, or looking to address soon, from a fierce customer welfare standpoint. 


We hope you support our sincere aims, and welcome any feedback as we look to enact real change.



We are our choices….

Curious to know more about who we are? 


Reehana was formed by a group of like minded people who wanted to do good things.


Tired of hearing continuously negative themes dominating the headlines, we decided to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, inspired by the phrase "if not you, then who? If not now, then when?"


Pooling together our diverse skillset, and driven by our enthusiasm to make the UK a better place, we believe we have genuine actionable solutions to real world problems. 


Our subsidiaries have been created to tackle a specific need, perhaps a market that is in need of reform because of consumer exploitation, or one where we believe a better variant can exist. The goal remains the same regardless.... can we serve you better? Can we make a positive impact doing so? And does it lay the foundation for a brighter future? We hope so, and we hope to demonstrate that to you.


Stay tuned, we have exciting things in the pipeline. 


Progress through Kindness,



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