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We've launched! Protecting consumers and giving back to good causes!

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

There is an age old saying, ‘Too much of a good thing is bad for you’. Indeed gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, yet all around us we are surrounded by messages, some more obvious than others, that excessive consumption is the gauge of a successful life…

Bear with me here, see the pretext to the launch of WeSwitch4u is an important one, from conception to launch the mission hasn't been to just develop a successful startup, our underlying message is something more profound (or at least we believe so)...

As a young investment manager working in London, I bemoaned my compensation every year, regardless of the number. The city has a way of causing you to lose all sense of perspective, and in this modern day, perspective is a valuable thing. Now, on the cusp of what I hope will be a hugely beneficial project, not just for our customers, or staff, but for many, I feel more strongly than ever that everyone of us has a shared responsibility to address the numerous issues that society is facing. So here is our attempt to start the ball rolling…

Before I go through the many reasons why I am excited and proud to introduce to you what has been such a painstaking project over two years, I would like to thank the numerous people who have made this possible.

Firstly, our developers. These people deserve a post to themselves, so I will put that right in the coming months, but to see what has been achieved by these young, promising, hugely intelligent people has been inspiring, not least because its encouraging to see so much promise in a generation that has been largely written off by the more experienced members of society.

Then there are the supporters of this project. These aren't your ‘regular supporters.’ We aren’t talking investors, or big powerful companies… no, I am talking about people who really share our ideals. People who have provided this project with support, resources, precious time and information, for nothing… people who will gain very little, if anything, if this ends up being a huge success. These are the kind of people you might see get out of their car to help a stranded motorist, or the kind of people who offer their services to help community projects in their spare time. The kind of people who aren’t glamorised on instagram, or facebook for their good deeds, but the very people who keep this country ticking over. If you are reading this, you know who you are, and we could not have got this far without your help. Thank you!

To the main event…

WeSwitch4u is an energy and insurance management service. More comprehensively, we are an active service that assists customers in not only monitoring and alerting them to the best prices for their insurance and energy needs, but performing the switch for them too. “Cool”, I hear you say, but why the big sermon… well there are a few reasons we are proud of our offering:

  • We monitor your insurance and energy around the clock, all year long. If you could be on a cheaper deal, we will let you know, and given your permission, switch you to it, multiple times a year if necessary.

  • Once you submit your information with us, you won’t have to visit a comparison site again, or deal with those long annoying forms.

  • Our service covers a significant portion of the market, larger than all 4 main comparison sites combined, so we are more likely to find you the best deal than if you searched yourself.

  • Through providing our service we have discovered some ways in which providers and suppliers try to take advantage of consumer behaviour that leaves you worse off, not anymore. All will be revealed in our blog posts soon, so please subscribe!

  • We are paid for by you, and only when we can save you money too, so we are fighting your corner. No conflict of interest here! The result is that we include providers and suppliers that other services do not, because we aren’t reliant on commission.

  • Most of our profits go to good causes. Yep, you heard us. 70% of our projected gross profit goes to a good cause. What causes you ask? The one you pick when you sign up. Our giveback scheme is contractually defined in our terms and conditions, with a stated amount (currently £10 per customer), so there is no getting out of it (not that we’d want to).

  • Charities or good causes can be proposed by our customers to be added to the list. If we get a reasonable number of votes for a new cause, we’ll do our best to set it up.

  • We have been constructed from day one to be a responsible and socially beneficial company. We have got this far with minimal funding, no hungry venture capitalists, or aggressive shareholders looking for us to bleed the customer dry. We have set ourselves up to be as lean as possible, and everyone involved is more concerned about making a difference than making a quick buck.

  • Data science FOR you! There is plenty of data out there on consumer behaviour, and it often works its way into the hands of some smart people at big companies who use it to exploit the vulnerable consumer. So who’s in your corner? We are! See with your support, we can tackle those tactics head on. Our success is determined by your support, the more customers we have believing in what we do, the better we can serve you all (and the good causes too remember!)

  • Protecting the public; So you do your insurance online, and you like to think you get a good deal. Then your elderly mum or dad phones up, and they need their bills done too. Ahhh, you’ve spent an hour doing your own, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Sign them up, let us look out for them. Job done

Let’s assume you have read this far down… if so we hope we have managed to instill some enthusiasm into you for what we are trying to achieve. Some of you may be cynical though… "surely, they don’t plan to give 70% of their profits away”. Erm, yes… we do!

I will address that point with a short analogy. If someone had grabbed me out of university and told me, H, I’ll pay you £70k/pa for the rest of your life, I would have been a pretty happy man. Turn the clocks forward a decade, and I wouldn’t feel the same. My view on what mattered, and what was ‘reasonable’ had been so heavily skewed by my environment, to the point where I didn't even realise my own behaviour. I hope WeSwitch4u gives us an opportunity to reflect on this issue if nothing else. Do I hope that we, the WS4U supporters, do well out of this venture… sure. Do I think that success should go hand in hand with our economic and social contribution, most definitely. If society is prepared to pay people handsomely on their ability to increase wealth inequality, then I hope you will feel our success is justified if we try to oppose that concerning trend.

WS4U keeps costs down by challenging every cost we incur. We don’t have fancy offices, and we don’t engage in expensive advertising campaigns. We rely on offering a useful service that has real intrinsic value, and hope that our social benefit component will allow us to grow through word-of-mouth, and the very belief that what we are trying to do resonates with you, our customers.

We look forward to the challenging times ahead, stubbornly committed to our values, and we would love to hear from people with suggestions on how you think we can improve our service.

Let’s enact some change!


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